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Macleod Transport Ltd. provides a full range of shipping services and supply chain management solutions designed to provide the most transparent asset management and product tracking system in the world.

The management team of Macleod Transport have already retooled businesses in industries with the world’s most complex tracking requirements—and with great success.

What do we provide

Macleod Transport is a full service 3PL and technology solutions company. Our philosophy is that you can't have one without the other. The advantages offered by typical 3PL companies are often diluted by the lack of control over your own freight. Macleod enhances the strengths of transport companies by providing them with the most advanced dispatch and asset management tools available. This makes them more efficient and gives you, the client, access to real-time tracking and direct communication with the driver and your shipment.

Logistics Solution

Macleod Transport is a full service transportation services provider. We have the ability to handle every type of shipment and want your business. Our promise to expertly and professionally handle your business comes first for our entire staff. No excuses.

Transport Logistics Software

Each and every transport company in our network uses the most advanced and comprehensive logistics software available. If they don't already meet our standards we give it to them, for free.

Strategic Development

With Macleod's in house technology development division, we are ready to handle the most complex challenges. We have developed solutions from everything to scheduled, broad scale distribution as well as serviced multi-year, multi-contract material supply for the engineering industry. No other company can handle the level of responsibility we have managed.

Consumer Shipping Software

From basic oil field supply chain management for oil and gas suppliers in the US and Western Canada, to complex integrated systems tied to engineering schedules, Macleod Transport aims to reduce the cost of managing transportation services. Call us for a consultation.

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