Sprixa™ Software

Transport Logistics Software

Transport Logistics Software Macleod Transport’s integrated solution, Sprixa™, is designed to provide complete dispatch solutions for transport companies. Very cost effective satellite units coupled with GPS and OBDII engine monitoring all displayed on a cab-mounted Android Powered Tablet gives the driver clear instructions, and dispatch unprecedented amounts of real-time information via satellite uplink at a fraction of the cost of what our competitors charge. Engine monitoring via the HDOBD protocol introduced in 2010 governs heavy duty trucks with a GVW over 14,000lbs, which accounts for over 98% of Alberta’s commercial truck fleet, can give you the management tools you’ve been looking for but have couldn’t find. We can give you customizable maintenance schedules for your units and once set will self-monitor and remind the driver when maintenance is required.

The InVistaWare© reporting dashboard gives managers, dispatchers and company owners a look at the overall profitability of their company by examining routes, corridors and even clients. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for company executives are now available at a glance on the web in a way that doesn’t require a degree in computer science to generate. You will see your fleet in real time like you have never seen before.

Consumer Shipping Software

For the consumer, Sprixa™ is a shipping portal that consolidates many transportation companies into one interface giving the consumer access to both delivery services and unified tracking information as well as comprehensive cost management solutions. Consumers switch from their existing shipping service to Macleod Transport at the same or lower rates providing a consolidation opportunity for Macleod Transport. Macleod offers customers services and service levels not available from any other transport company or freight brokerage in the market. We are all transport companies in one, and we also supply transport companies with the technology that makes them efficient and reliable. We mitigate the amount of exposure our retail customers have by properly distributing the load across our entire network and by fully understanding their individual strengths.


Trucking companies benefit from highly advanced and price sensitive technology as well as gaining a valuable relationship with a freight broker who understands the business. Freight customers benefit from the same relationship with an experienced freight broker that provides state-of-the-art tracking technology, access to the best trucking services in Western Canada with fault tolerant back-up systems and exception based reports that notify customers of problems the second they occur.

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