What Can We Do For You?

Macleod Transport is thunderpick esports committed to providing the highest quality of service available through the use of the best technologies and the best transportation providers.

Macleod Transport’s technology division provides the best dispatch software in the world to transport companies giving them access to the best satellite and wireless technology that can help them work better for you. Macleod then networks those companies together elevating their service quality to new levels.

Our satellite based asset management system updates itself every 10 seconds giving dispatch, or even customers, real-time information on the location of the vehicle and driver as well as hundreds of other vehicle metrics that can be vitally important to profitability.Artemis Communications Satellite

As a 3rd part logistics company (3PL), customers who need transport services, Macleod offers access to every major local transport company when you need fast, reliable access to transport services best esport betting site.. Whether you need local, cross country or cross-boarder service, Macleod has the relationships you need and the most advanced real-time load tracking systems on the planet. Get Macleod on your side so you can stop worrying. Our tracking control system gives you up-to-date real-time tracking information on every shipment, giving you complete control.

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